Ambrogio L250i Elite (3200m2)

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Ambrogio L250i Elite

The two brand-new L250i – Elite and Elite S+ – models are a concentration of innovation and technology. The touchscreen display, advanced navigation systems and standard ZCS Connect module make the robots extremely efficient and innovative.

Key Points:

Max suggested (-20%) 3200m2

Motor type Brushless
Lithium-Ion Battery (25,9V) 1X7.5Ah
Max allowable slope (%) 45%
Max Slope (%) 35%
Slope on the edge or perimeter wire (%) 20%
Average Working Time 3.5hrs

Solid Stainless Steel Blade (4 Edged)
Cutting Width 29cm
Cutting Height 25-70mm
Spiral Cutting
“Smart Partitions” Zoning
Eco Mode
Rain sensor
Maximum managed areas 8


Navigation GPS Enhanced
Compass System
Connect Module (GPS, GSM) - 1