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Quality Robot Mowers & TOOLS  for Your Garden 

We specialize in repairs, installations & rewires. all parts available for robomow & ambrogio models.

Robomow RS in Robohome

Used robotic mowers available:

1. Robomow RC312 - £999

2. Ambrogio L30B - £699 

3. Robomow RC304 - £649

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All of our used robot mowers are fully serviced and refurbished where necessary. They come with either a 6 months or 12 months warranty depending on the age of the machine. 

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The Sherpa Electric Power Barrow is a very flexible barrow designed to

tip bulk and carry flat loads with the optional extra flatbed accessory.

Ambrogio & Robomow robots mow the lawn completely automatically and safely providing a professional finish to your grass. All robots have a two year warranty on parts excluding battery & blades. We have an installation service which includes follow up visits to tweak machine & perimeter wire settings ensuring the robot is working to its optimum level. 

Annual servicing is recommended and we can do this in your garden. These robots can manage lawn areas from 200m2 up to 20,000m2 

(5 acres, 2 hectares) and will manage slopes of up to 45%.

So whether you want a robot for a small area or a more commercial machine contact us today to arrange a survey.

Robomow RX50u  (500m2) - NEW FOR 2019

Robomowers Ltd

From Sherpa, the STMT340 5-in-1 Multi-Tool is
the ultimate tool for any gardener. With one powerful and reliable engine unit, this system allows you to connect multiple attachments quickly and easily, allowing the user to switch between many gardening tasks.

Robomowers Ltd
Sales & Service Options

Let us calculate the size of your lawn to make sure you 

buy the right robot mower.

Get your robot mower serviced during the winter months. Repairs/software updates/perimeter wire alterations.

Robomowers Ltd

About Us

Here at Robot Mowers' we offer a unique, inclusive service. From garden survey through to installation and maintenance, we cover it all, and even offer an unparalleled after sales service. We specialize in lawn solutions on lawns that are 200m2 to 7000m2 with the Ambrogio & Robomow range of machines.  During a survey we make sure you get the right machine for your lawn, an explanation of how it all works, and an initial planning of how the robot would be installed. Full itemised quotations are given and confirmed via email. What’s more, we also offer a comprehensive service and maintenance plan, tailored entirely to your requirements. We have been an approved Robomow installer since 2007, and have commissioned many robotic lawnmower systems throughout the UK.

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