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Ambrogio Models

Ambrogio robotic lawn mowers manage lawn areas completely on its own and in complete safety. On the market for more than 18 years, Ambrogio is the ideal lawn mower  for those looking for professionalism, technological innovation, excellence, combined with respect for the environment.

Ambrogio robots mow the lawn completely automatically and safely providing a professional finish to your grass. All robots have a two year warranty on parts excluding battery & blades. We have an installation service which includes follow up visits to tweak machine & perimeter wire settings ensuring the robot is working to its optimum level. 

Annual servicing is recommended and we can do this in your garden. Ambrogio have robots to manage lawn areas from 200m2 up to 20,000m2 (7.5 acres) and all will manage slopes of up to 45%.

So whether you want a robot for your small area or a more commercial setting contact us today to arrange a survey.

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