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Sherpa Electric Wheelbarrow

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Sherpa Electric Power Barrow:

The Sherpa Electric Power Barrow is constructed of quality materials and is
strong and versatile. It comes with a skid so that it can be used as a
normal barrow without the rear jockey wheels.
The powerful electric motor makes it ideal for use in sloping areas. The front
disc brake can be locked to hold the barrow firmly in a sloping position.
Available as an optional extra is the Sherpa flatbed accessory which is easy
to fit and allows large items such as bales of straw and hay to be carried.
- Powered by heavy duty 24v removable battery
- Tough galvanised tray
- Fully tipping pivot mechanism (max load 150 kg’s)
- Very manoeuvrable, can turn on it’ own axis
- Heavy duty large pneumatic 40cm drive wheel
- lockable disc brake
- Tubular steel frame
- castor rear wheels
- measurements
widest point 66cm
internal width of tray 61cm
deepest point of tray 30cm
length of tray 97cm
overall length 136cm
diameter of front wheel 40cm