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Sherpa Multi Tool Kit 35cc - Brushcutter, Hedgecutter, Trimmer, Pruner

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STMT340 5-in-1 Multi-Tool is the ultimate tool for any gardener. With one powerful and reliable engine unit, this system allows you to connect multiple attachments quickly and easily, allowing the user to switch between many gardening tasks.By utilising one power unit, you save on time, storage space and maintenance. Now you only need to service one engine whilst having all the tools you need to keep your garden neat and tidy. This Sherpa Multi-Tool kit allows you to easily switch between strimming grass with the trimmer attachment, cutting back heavier vegetation by using the brushcutter blade, through to cutting hedges of any height with the long reach hedgecutter and even prune trees with the chainsaw style pole pruner. If you've got really tall hedges and trees, that's no problem with this Sherpa Multi-Tool; the included extension pole gives another one meters reach making most jobs reachable without the use of ladders or platforms. The powerful 35cc full crank engine delivers all the power you need, while staying light enough to be comfortably used for longer periods of time and easy to manoeuvre around your garden. Easy Swap AttachmentsWith a simple system for connecting the attachments, swapping between gardening tasks has never been so easy. Our quick fit system utilises a quick pin locking lever and clamp to give double the security, but still being quick to attach and detach tools. Full Crank EngineThe full crank engine delivers plenty of power with minimal vibration, better fuel efficiency and a longer engine life.Loop HandleThe loop handle with side grip gives multiple working positions and allows you to manoeuvre the tool with as little effort as possible. You can work comfortably and efficiently as you move around your garden.Included in the box:* Engine Unit* Articulating Long Reach Hedge Cutter Attachment* Pole Pruner Attachment * Brushcutter / Trimmer Shaft* Bump Feed Head* Metal Tri Arc Brushcutter Blade* Extension Pole* Loop Handle* Quick Release Harness* Weight Only 5.2kg* Tool Kit* 2 Stroke Mixing Bottle* Manual.Specifications Sherpa Multi Tool 5-in-1 Kit - Brushcutter / Hedgecutter / Trimmer / Pruner STMT340:* Full Crank 2-Stroke Engine * Engine 1 Cylinder, 2-stroke, Air-cooled* Cylinder Capacity 34.9 cc* Power 1 HP Equivalent* Chainsaw Blade: 10" (25.4cm)* Hedge Trimmer Blades: 18" (45cm)* Maximum Cutting Capacity: 0.75" (19 mm)* Hedge Trimmer Adjustment: Horizontal & Vertical Cutting* Strimmer Wire: Double 2.4 mm Cutting Wire* Brush Cutter: 3 Edge Blade Edges & Nylon Head* Chainsaw Length: 3.27m (with Extension Pole)* Hedge Trimmer Total Length: 3.44m (with Extension Pole)* Brush Cutter Total Length: 1.86m* Petrol : Oil Mixture: 40:1* Tank Capacity: 550 ml* Total Gross Weight of Kit 12kg* Box Dimensions 1050 x 250 x 250mm* 2 Year Warranty* UK Helpline: 01522 283020