Extensive Robot Mower Maintenance and Servicing

Keep your Robot Rower in peak condition by taking advantage of our home service options. Our robot mower maintenance and servicing plans are taylored to your needs. What’s more, we also offer perimeter wire and warranty repairs.

Have your Robot Mower serviced at home in 

November/ December - £125 (Parts not included)

Service schedule:

* Clean cutting area and floating deck

* Functional & safety testing of all parts

* Lubrication where required

* Blade inspection - replacement if necessary

* Battery & charging check

* Drive motors checked – Wide wheels can be fitted

* Software updated to latest version (internet access may be required)
(Models 2014 onwards only)

* Warranty parts replacement – NB. Mow motors damaged by
obstruction are not covered by the warranty and are chargeable

* Perimeter wire repair & alterations: + £99 (includes
wire & connectors)

Parts & Accessories

RS - Blades: £79.99 per pair.

RC - Blades: £35.20 single blade

RS – Large Wheels: £79.99 – Wheels grips also available £59.99
RC – Large Wheels: £70.99 – Wheels grips also available £44.99
Brushless motors to fit RC312/RS625/RS635: £135.48
Brush motors to fit RC304/RC308/RS612: £135.48

All prices quoted include vat.

Contact us to speak to our team about our robot mower maintenance and servicing.