Terms and Conditions


 Payments can be made by BACS or Visa, Mastercard & American Express debit/credit cards.  All prices quoted are GBP and include VAT.

Full payment must be received before we can arrange delivery of ordered products. 

We only accept GBP payment transactions.


Robomow products come with the following warranty:

  • Batteries on all models are covered for 1 year. Blades are not covered by any warranty. 
  • Any replacement parts used will be genuine Robomow products and have 1 years’ warranty (excluding blades).
  • All Robomow models have 2 years’ full warranty. 
  • Please be aware that if any parts such as mow motors or drive motors are physically damaged, they will not be covered under the warranty and will be chargeable. 
  • The installation is not covered under the Robomow warranty.


Robot Mowers endeavour to do the best installation on the day and, where necessary, will follow up with a ‘snagging visit’ within the first 6 weeks to ensure the system is working at its optimum. Some installations need tweaking to make sure the robot is covering all areas efficiently. These are covered under the initial installation charge unless otherwise advised. If grass on lawns is long or thick, it must be mowed before installation can begin.

Additional Charges

Any damage done to the perimeter wire is not covered under the warranty. Perimeter wire repairs will be chargeable. Robomow demonstrations are free of charge within our trading area. However, a fee of £75, including VAT, will be charged if we arrive at the appointed date and time and there is no one available.


Refund Policy

  • Robomowers Ltd does not operate a “try and return” policy. 
  • Faulty goods should be notified to us as soon as possible. 
  • Faulty goods must be returned to us at the customer’s expense. However, if the goods are confirmed as faulty then these charges will be refunded and suitable replacement or refund will be given.
  • Robomowers Ltd is under no obligation to accept returns of Non-Faulty goods after the 7 day cooling off period.
  • Where appropriate Robomowers Ltd will make a refund for a machine and accessories using the formula below:
  • 0 – 6 Months from Purchase Date: Net Purchase Price Less 25%
  • 6 – 12 Months from Purchase Date: Net Purchase Price Less 35%
  • 12 – 18 Months from Purchase Date: Net Purchase Price Less 55%
  • Robot Mowers will not refund any installation work

Wires and Cables

When using the wire machine, the perimeter wire is inserted approximately 25mm into the ground, so please let us know if there are any cables, irrigation pipes, etc, under the lawn. However, in very small gardens it may not be possible to use the wire machine, so the wire will be pegged on the surface in the traditional way.


A waterproof 13amp power socket is required. There is a 20 metre length of cable with an RS model, 15metres with an RC model, and 10 metres with an RX model. Robot Mowers do not install electric plug sockets or drill through walls of any kind to gain access to electrical power. Any electrical alterations or installations must be done by a qualified electrical engineer


Robot Mowers do not do ground preparation, lift or lay slabs, or prepare surfaces across driveways or footpaths. It is the customers’ responsibility to make sure all preparations have been done before we arrive. However, please do not prepare base station areas until it has been confirmed that the base station positioning will work. A site survey can be arranged before the installation if required, which will cost £55 including VAT. We can grind a 1.5mm groove across pathways and drives, so that the perimeter wire slots into it. However, it is the customers’ responsibility to fill these grooves when the installation has been completed.


Narrow passes must be a minimum of 1.2 metres wide. Perimeter wire will be laid a minimum of 1.2 metres away from any water's edge (ponds, swimming pools, etc) and sheer drops. Charges for future visits for wire adjustments will be advised on installation.

Pets and Children

Robot Mowers will not work when electric dog fences are in use. If you have pets, please can you make sure that the garden is clear of faeces. If there is a lot of faeces on the lawn, we will not be able to do the installation and a return visit will cost an additional £175. It is the customers’ responsibility to ensure that children and pets are kept away from the Robomow to avoid any possible injury. A child lock can be activated on the Robomow to prevent inquisitive fingers accidentally starting the robot. It is the customers’ responsibility to ensure that if they have a trampoline, it is moved around the garden. It also needs to have boards fitted to the legs so that the robot does not go over the metal bars and get damaged. If damage occurs in this way it will not be covered by the warranty.

Data Protection

We only store relevant data for invoicing and contact purposes only.

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